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In the life of a patient with cancer, just 30 minutes can make a big difference. Take that time today to fill out our Choicebook, so we can all shape the future of cancer care in Canada together.
Closing date: December 15, 2018 at 11:59 pm EST

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The Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control is now more than a decade old. In 2006, more than 700 Canadians developed it together, setting out an ambitious plan to improve the cancer experience for all Canadians.

Today, we’ve made considerable progress, but there’s still work left to do. One in two Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime.

All of us can help us modernize our strategy, so fewer of us are diagnosed or die from cancer.


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  • The Strategy was developed to create efficiencies across provincial and territorial health systems struggling to manage a complex disease with more than 200 types, many risk factors, and continually advancing diagnostic technologies and treatments.
  • Canadians have new and emerging challenges with an aging population increasing demands on health services, increasing health care costs and inequities for underserved and underrepresented populations. Advances in medicine and technology affect every aspect of cancer care and while they offer new hope to cancer patients, they are often expensive. We want to build on our accomplishments, reflect on existing gaps and make necessary adjustments to ensure that all Canadians can benefit equally from prevention and cancer care over the course of the next decade.
  • The Strategy was launched almost 12 years ago. As such, the Minister of Health called for modernizing the Strategy so that it remains adaptive to and reflective of changes in technology and innovation, population demographics, the economy and the political climate.
  • The Partnership has been asked by the Federal Government to coordinate the development of a modernized Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control by supporting open consultations, both in-person and online, from coast-to-coast-to-coast. The Partnership is the steward of the national cancer strategy, drafted in 2006, which is undergoing this consultation and modernization activity.
  • Yes. Feedback provided through the Choicebook campaign will remain anonymous.
  • All of us are touched by cancer either directly or indirectly. In Canada, one in every two people will develop cancer within their lifetime. With a national cancer strategy in place, Canada’s health care system will be able to deliver world class patient-centric care to all Canadians.
  • The modernized Strategy will be made available online once we receive direction from the Minister of Health. We can send you an email alert when it becomes public, if you sign up here.
  • Yes. All Canadians are welcome to participate in this consultation process.
  • The perspectives of caregivers or loved ones are a critical component of developing a modernized Strategy.

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