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How to create an OncoSim account and access Canadian cancer research data.

OncoSim is a free, secure tool for policy-makers, researchers and planners in government ministries and public sector organizations in Canada. If you think OncoSim has potential to support your work in cancer control, request an account by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Complete and submit the user request form which will be verified by the Partnership.
  • Step 2: Within two business days of submitting your form, you will receive an email from the Partnership with the Terms of Use Agreement. Please have it signed by an authorized signatory at your organization and submit it to the Partnership.
  • Step 3: The Partnership will countersign the Terms of Use Agreement and send you log-in instructions by email.

Publication of OncoSim information

Publishing of OncoSim information must be reported to the Partnership, as per the Terms of Use Agreement. Please see the guidelines for the presentation or publication of OncoSim results, including through media releases.