Changing the cancer landscape

Canada’s cancer control community is changing how Canadians experience cancer. Transforming the cancer landscape requires a sustained, long-term, and focused effort. In 2017, we marked 10 years of pan-Canadian collaborative efforts. There have already been significant improvements. These immediate outcomes are key early steps towards achieving the strategy’s 30-year goals of fewer people developing cancer, fewer people dying from cancer, and a better quality of life for those affected by the disease.

Imagine in 2037…

2037 outcomes

Our progress so far…

After more than a decade of work stewarding the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control, the Partnership has coordinated efforts across the cancer control system to make considerable progress towards the Strategy’s 2017 outcomes. These outcomes, each of which were supported by Partnership-led initiatives, represent the concrete and tangible impact on the cancer control system of the Partnership’s work. These achievements set the system up for continued gains, represented by the outcomes:

10 Year Outcomes