Only the sky is the limit after breast cancer (French) (Gaétanne’s story)

In this video, Gaétanne talks about being diagnosed with breast cancer 15 years ago and after, only seeing the sky as the limit

Watch as Gaétanne talks about her diagnosis and treatment, and then finding another lump in the same breast two years later. She had a mastectomy and chemo to be preventative because there was still much she wanted to do in life. She also talks about how she is one of six daughters and three of them have had breast cancer.

She shares how her friendships gave her the support she needed, how she worked but took days off around her chemotherapy and how cancer made her re-evaluate her life.

Gaétanne lives and works in Winnipeg. She is married and has three dogs.

I know it’s not the same for everyone, but it was very positive. Before being diagnosed, I would say and see other people around me doing the same – ‘Well, since I’m smart enough, I could go back to school, but I do not have time or money.’

I decided to take the opposite stance. So, on days when I’m thinking, ‘Hmm, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do that,’ I say to myself, ‘No, I can do it. It’s something I really want to do, so I’ll find a way.’

Watch the video of Gaétanne talking about the positive side of breast cancer (in French)

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