Artificial UVR protection: Provincial and territorial regulation of occupational artificial UVR protection policies

Learn how provincial and territorial governments can protect workers from artificial ultraviolet radiation (UVR) exposure

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Occupational artificial UVR policies


Develop UVR protection policies in child care settings, schools, recreational settings for children and adolescents, and workplaces with outdoor workers1,2,3


Provide leadership through occupational solar UVR protection policy3,4

Provide artificial UVR protection control measures in line with occupational hazard controls (e.g., modifying protective surfaces, providing personal protective equipment)3

Degree of policy adoption*


Current action(s) in Canada

All provinces and territories address protection from artificial UVR exposure within occupational health and safety legislation, but measures vary. Ontario and Alberta cite general welding and radiological hazard protection practices in legislation, whereas all other provinces and territories cite the provision of personal protective equipment (including clothing and/or eye protection) and other devices and materials such as welding barriers and screens (NL, PEI, NS, NB, BC and YK require anti-reflective coatings on welding screens) as protection from radiological hazards within legislation.

The federal Canada Labour Code also contains general provisions for all employers to reduce workplace hazards by providing personal protective equipment, clothing devices or materials, which offers additional opportunities for solar UVR protection in all Canadian workplaces.

* Levels of adoption:  Low = very few jurisdictions have adopted evidence-informed policy action; Medium = some, but not all jurisdictions have adopted evidence-informed policy action; High = most jurisdictions have adopted evidence-informed policy action.


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