Prevention Policies Directory

Access Canadian cancer prevention policies. Learn from other jurisdictions. Inform change.

The Prevention Policies Directory (“the Directory”) made it easier for public health researchers and policy specialists to find policies related to cancer and chronic disease prevention. Our Cancer Prevention Policy Packs summarize information from the Directory and other sources, providing a richer view of the policy landscape in Canada.

Request a copy of the Directory

In efforts to focus resources on emerging priorities within the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control, the Partnership has retired the Directory. The final update was executed on March 31, 2022.

If you would like to access the Directory, please submit the following required information. You will receive an email within 2-3 business days with a copy of the Directory in Excel format (.xls). Please note that all fields are required for this data request to be fulfilled.

What is the Directory?

The Directory was a database that made it easier for population and public health research, practice and policy specialists to find Canadian policies related to cancer and chronic disease prevention. The Directory has been used as a starting point for policy research, analysis, development, evaluation and monitoring.

The Directory contains Canadian policies at the federal, provincial/territorial and municipal levels related to key modifiable risk factors for cancer and chronic disease. The risk factors include:

  • commercial tobacco
  • physical inactivity
  • unhealthy eating
  • ionizing and ultraviolet radiation
  • infectious agents
  • alcohol
  • environmental and occupational carcinogens

Each entry in the Directory is coded by domains such as risk factor, policy type, policy action, setting and location.

For more details on the development of the Directory, please refer to the peer-reviewed publication: Supporting the diffusion of healthy public policy in Canada: the Prevention Policies Directory.

Standard citation: Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. (2012). Prevention Policies Directory. Retrieved Month XX, 20XX from: