Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act, SNL 1993, c T-4.1

This Act prohibits the sale of flavoured tobacco (including menthol) as well as the sale of tobacco, vapour products (electronic cigarettes) and non-tobacco shisha (for use in waterpipes) to minors (<19 years of age). It also places restrictions on the advertising and display of these products. 

Under this Act, tobacco, vapour products, and non-tobacco shisha is prohbited for sale in pharmacies, temporary facilities, facilities operated by a regional health authority, personal care homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, childcare facilities, schools, post-secondary institutions, private training institutions, government buildings, recreation facilities, theatres, cinemas, art galleries, museums, amusement parks, and arcades. 

Further, minors are not permitted to enter tobacconist or vapour products shops unless accompanied by an adult.