The Non-Smokers Health Protection and Vapour Products Act, CCSM c N92

The Act prohibits smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes in enclosed public places, indoor workplaces, group living facilities (e.g., personal care homes, hospital addictions units, hospital palliative care units and hospices, residential care facilities, residential addictions treatment facilities, residential shelters, children's group homes and treatment facilities), public vehicles and vehicles used in the course of employment while it is carrying two or more employees. It notes exceptions for outdoor eating and drinking areas, hotel rooms, group living facilities with designated smoking and/or electronic cigarette rooms, and testing of products in tobacconists shops and vapour/electronic cigarette shops. 

It also prohibits the sale of flavoured tobacco (excluding menthol, snuff and chewing tobacco) and the supply of tobacco in health care facilities, pharmacies, and other places or stores where pharmacies are located.

In addition, it regulates the display and advertising of tobacco products where sold.

This policy does not restrict traditional use of tobacco products by Indigenous populations.