Psychosocial oncology directory links the cancer community to education opportunities

New nationwide database enables students, health-care providers and volunteers to enhance their psychosocial and supportive care skills

Cancerview Canada badge Future and current members of the cancer care community can now tap into education opportunities across the country through the Partnership’s new Psychosocial Oncology Education Directory, available on Cancer View Canada.

“It is essential that there is a central, user-friendly ‘one stop’ location where educational opportunities to enhance skills in psychosocial oncology can be easily found,” says Project Lead Jill Taylor-Brown of CancerCare Manitoba.

“Making these opportunities readily accessible will ultimately help improve the cancer journey for people diagnosed and their loved ones. This is why we are so pleased to develop and promote education in this integral field.”

Visitors to the directory will find a wide variety of educational opportunities from courses in palliative care, to practicum placements for social work and psychology students, to continuing education courses in bereavement and loss. Students can also use accompanying resources to locate faculty members interested in supervising students who wish to specialize in aspects of psychosocial oncology.

Quality cancer care is so much more than treatment of the disease. Psychosocial oncology focuses on the emotional, spiritual, social and functional aspects of living after a diagnosis of cancer.
–Jill Taylor-Brown, CancerCare Manitoba

Users can search the education directory for courses, placements and programs by province, target audience or the format of the educational offering. They can also suggest resources to be included.