Learn about physical activity and cancer in Canada 

There is strong evidence linking physical activity to a decreased risk of cancer.

Estimates suggest that adherence to physical activity recommendations could reduce cancer risk by 10-25%1.

The Partnership’s Physical activity and cancer in Canada web resource outlines the relationship between being active and the risk of getting cancer and the policies needed to get people moving. By promoting and implementing physical activity interventions, it is possible to prevent upwards of 40,000 new cancer cases by 20422,3.

This resource focuses on five research-informed policy domains: active transportation, urban design, sport and recreation, school environments, and public education. In addition, it outlines the features of effective physical activity policy, including the need for population-level policies that are equitable and inclusive.

To learn more about the latest statistics, research, cancer prevention efforts, and governmental policies to get people in Canada active––view the webinar recording or download a copy of the slides, “Physical activity and cancer: Policy actions to get people in Canada moving.”

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