Health Canada Evaluation on the Partnership

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer is pleased to advise that Health Canada’s evaluation report of our work in implementing the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control is complete. As an independent not-for-profit organization funded by Health Canada, the Partnership’s work was evaluated at the mid-point of the initial five year mandate. This was a requirement of our funding agreement with Health Canada.

Health Canada evaluation of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer report coverIn summary, the evaluation suggests that the Partnership is on the right track in implementing the cancer control strategy and should continue its engagement efforts with partners in the cancer community to successfully achieve its intermediate and long-term outcomes for the benefit of all Canadians. The evaluation highlights that the Partnership model is an effective vehicle for the implementation of the national cancer control strategy.

The evaluation also identified areas for ongoing focus. Specifically, these areas included enhancing the measurement of our performance, and continuing efforts to address First Nations, Inuit and Métis cancer control. We welcome this feedback and are in the process of addressing these and other recommendations. For more information please see the Executive Summary of the evaluation and the Partnership’s Management Response. To obtain a copy of the full evaluation report, please email your request to Health Canada.

The Partnership is encouraged by the cancer control community’s positive response to our efforts and to our unique model as an effective mechanism for change. Our progress across all priority areas is a product of the effective collaboration of our many partners, including the provincial cancer agencies and health ministries, federal agencies and national health organizations, national Aboriginal organizations, clinicians, researchers, patient and survivor groups, and the Canadian Cancer Society.

In the coming years we will build and further strengthen connections with our stakeholders to sustain our progress and to ensure our collaborative work to better control cancer continues to be informed by the priorities and expertise of our partners.