Explore Canada’s cancer data landscape through e-learning

The use of cancer control data is fundamental to advancing Canada’s cancer control efforts. The effective use of cancer information relies on two components: first, that the required data be collected and available to be used; and second, that there is the human resource capacity to analyze and interpret this information. The Partnership’s new Analytic Capacity Building e-learning module is targeted to the enhancement of analytic capacity among cancer data analysts, epidemiologists and biostatisticians in Canada, increasing their understanding of the Canadian cancer registry landscape while focusing on analytic approaches to support the need for standardization of current methods to allow for a pan-Canadian comparison of results.

The Cancer Registry Landscape in Canada e-learning module is the first in a series designed to provide participants with a foundation of information and to create a common understanding of the cancer data landscape. It supports the professional development of analysts by setting the context, enhancing skills and creating new capacity to support the analysis and use of evidence to improve the cancer system.

The Cancer Registry Landscape in Canada e-learning module teaches participants about:

  • the purpose and uses of cancer registries
  • different types of cancer registries, data sources and governance structures
  • how registry data are collected, coded and maintained
  • the strengths and weaknesses of Canadian cancer registries
  • accessing, manipulating and analyzing data from cancer registries

The module takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes to complete. Throughout there are opportunities to apply newly gained insights to realistic scenarios. We invite you to register to gain free access to the module and help support and increase cancer analytic capacity in Canada.

The second module of this e-learning series will be released in 2017.

The Partnership’s Analytic Capacity Building Initiative is designed to enhance and create new capacity to support analysis and use of evidence to improve the cancer system and enable consistent pan-Canadian reporting related to cancer treatment.

Learn more about the Analytic Capacity Building e-Learning series.

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