Smoking cessation support for cancer patients continues to expand across country

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer has committed funding for every province and territory to implement or spread programs that help cancer patients quit smoking.

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do to help your cancer treatment. Evidence shows quitting smoking improves the effectiveness of treatment, improves recovery, increases chances of survival and reduces the risk of complications and death.

Yet, one in five cancer patients continue to smoke following a diagnosis.

Although evidence-based approaches to quitting smoking exist across the country, these services are often aimed at preventing cancer and other chronic diseases. Services to help people quit smoking are not always offered to cancer patients in cancer care settings, where such services are also important.

Dr. Craig Earle, oncologist and Vice-President, Cancer Control discusses the Partnership’s efforts to support the implementation smoking cessation programs for patients in cancer care settings across Canada – and reminds patients why it’s never too late to quit. Read more in “Quitting smoking can improve your cancer treatment, period.”