Webinar slides: Leading practices in smoking cessation for persons living with mental illnesses and/or addictions

Gain an overview of the latest results from the Partnership’s environmental scans of smoking cessation programs in Canada

This webinar on smoking cessation for people living with mental illness and/or addiction was held in May and July 2017.

People living with mental illnesses or addiction are two to four times more likely to smoke, are heavier smokers, smoke more cigarettes per day and have lower quit rates compared to smokers in the general population. Reaching less than 5 per cent of Canadians smoking by 2035 will require both broad, population-based approaches as well as focused approaches for populations with higher rates of smoking.

Get further insights about:

  • Alignment of existing smoking cessation programs with Canadian evidence-based guidelines
  • Information about adaptations to smoking cessation services, including quitlines and coverage of quit smoking aids by province and territory
  • Smoking cessation programs developed by, with and for people living with mental illness(es) and/or addiction by province and territory

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