Quotes from cancer patients who quit smoking

Use stories and quotes from patients and survivors of cancer which highlight their experiences quitting smoking during cancer treatment

Evidence shows that quitting smoking improves the effectiveness of cancer treatment and likelihood of survival.

If you can get a 20-year-old to stop smoking today, then by the time they are 60-, 65-years-old they are going to be pretty darn physically and mentally fit compared to somebody like myself with a litany of cigarette induced illnesses.

Find quotes along these themes:

  • Role of smoking in patient’s life
  • Reasons for quitting
  • Barriers to quitting and reasons for continued smoking
  • Smoking relapses
  • Cessation strategies and supports
  • Experiences with healthcare provider advice on quitting smoking post-diagnosis
  • Stigma
  • Supporting others in their quit journey
  • Messages to healthcare professionals

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