Key cost estimates on cancer treatment and smoking cessation in Canada

Use cost estimates to guide decisions about programs and policies to help patients with cancer quit smoking during treatment

Evidence shows that quitting smoking improves the effectiveness of cancer treatment and likelihood of survival. Cancer agencies and governments require information about the evidence, costs and savings associated with offering smoking cessation during cancer treatment.

Costs associated with offering smoking cessation to patients with cancer are dwarfed in comparison to the costs of cancer treatment.


  • Cost estimates for different interventions which help patients quit smoking.
  • Cost estimates for treating common cancers, including gender- and phase-of-treatment-specific costs.
  • Evidence on effectiveness of various smoking cessation interventions
  • Sample interventions and associated costs for offering smoking cessation to patients

Offering smoking cessation support to cancer patients improves quality of care, efficacy of treatments and reduces costs to the healthcare system

infographic that compares costs for cancer patients who continue smoking with costs for those who quit


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