Cancer control in First Nations populations living off-reserve

Learn about the cancer journey for First Nations peoples living off-reserve and relevant, international models and practices in this 2013 report

This foundational scan used several different approaches to make sure it offers comprehensive information:

  • About 349 peer-reviewed articles and 164 grey-literature sources were reviewed about cancer and First Nations peoples.
  • Models and practices were identified as either leading or promising. Those terms, along with a full list of all models and practices are defined in the appendix.
  • Sixty-seven online surveys were completed by people who could share information on culturally responsive cancer-related programs, services, and resources across Canada.
  • To describe the cancer-care pathway and to learn more about the programs, services and resources identified, 39 key participants from across Canada were interviewed and participated in focus groups. The participants were from a range of positions and organizations at Provincial and Federal governments, First Nations organizations, cancer-care agencies and programs, regional health authorities and other health- and cancer-care-related organizations.

This report is relevant for provincial cancer agencies, primary care providers, governments and policy makers.

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