Sustaining Action Toward a Shared Vision

Partnership releases five-year plan for the next phase of Canada's national cancer strategy

Sustaining Action Toward a Shared Vision report coverCanada’s cancer and health communities are continuing to work together towards a common goal — reducing the impact of cancer on Canadians — with the publication of a five-year plan entitled Sustaining Action Toward A Shared Vision. The plan, which documents shared cancer priorities for 2012 to 2017, was developed over the past 18 months by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer in consultation with a broad range of partners and stakeholders, including people personally affected by cancer.

“Last year, approximately 177,800 Canadians were diagnosed with cancer — a number comparable to the population of Kelowna or Sudbury. A health challenge as complex as cancer requires a coordinated approach to reduce the impact of the disease on individuals, families, and the broader health system,” said Dr. Simon Sutcliffe, MD, Chair of the Partnership’s Board of Directors. “As one of a handful of countries with a national cancer plan, Canada is demonstrating how cancer and health organizations within our borders can collaborate across provinces and territories and differing mandates.”

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer was created in 2007 to implement Canada’s first national cancer strategy, which was developed over many years by cancer professionals and patients across the country. Sustaining Action Toward a Shared Vision represents the evolution of that initial strategy and builds on progress already made as well as emerging needs and priorities. The program of work planned for the next five years continues to reflect the national cancer strategy and support the cancer control continuum.

“The Partnership is privileged to continue implementing Canada’s national cancer strategy with our partners,” said Jessica Hill, CEO of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. “With a mandate that continues until 2017, we have an unprecedented opportunity to build on the achievements of the past five years, intensifying and focusing our efforts to ensure Canadians benefit from a coordinated effort to tackle cancer. Sustaining Action Toward a Shared Vision describes how we plan to do just that.”