Collaborative efforts generate new radiotherapy technology guidelines

The Canadian Partnership for Quality Radiotherapy and the Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists have released the first set of technical quality standards created through their joint efforts to standardize procedures and improve the quality and safety of radiation therapy.

The Canadian Partnership for Quality Radiotherapy is a Canadian radiation therapy community alliance that brings together representatives from three disciplines delivering radiation treatment in Canada – radiation oncology, medical physics and radiation therapy. The alliance is sponsored by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer.

In 2010, the group began an extensive review of existing technical quality standards. The structured process involved expert review and revision as well as broad community consultation. The guidelines were validated in a real-world clinical environment and developed with a sustainability plan to assure continued relevance over time. The guidelines are currently available in English and French versions are expected to be released later in 2013. Additional guidelines are currently in development.

Radiation therapy is used to save and prolong the lives of people with cancer. About 50% of individuals diagnosed with cancer receive this treatment at some point during their care [1].

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[1] Quality Assurance Guidance for Canadian Radiation Treatment Programs