Canada’s cancer control community is changing how Canadians experience cancer

Media statement: June 23, 2015

“I’ve seen real leadership in cancer focus from the government and I can confidently say that the Partnership is a testament to that,” said the Partnership’s CEO Shelly Jamieson. “We are working with provincial and territorial partners including various levels of government to take action now to reduce the burden of cancer for all Canadians. We have also begun important work in palliative care with all of our partners and although it’s early days, this work already shows great impact.”

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer was created in 2007 and is solely funded by the federal government with an annual budget of $50 million. We partner with many organizations across all provinces and territories to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of efforts in prevention, screening and diagnosis through to clinical care, survivorship, palliative and end-of-life care. To make a difference for people and families living with cancer, we include the patient perspective in our initiatives. This unique model of collaboration is an innovation in healthcare and there is growing evidence that doing more together can reduce the burden of cancer for Canadians.