Board of directors announcement

Dr. Simon Sutcliffe takes the helm

Dr. Simon Sutcliffe

The board of directors of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer is pleased to announce the appointments of Dr. Simon Sutcliffe as Chair of the board and René Gallant as Vice-Chair of the board, and the appointment of Peter Goodhand, Linda Miller and Christine Power to the board.

Dr. Simon Sutcliffe

Dr. Sutcliffe was the inaugural vice chair of the Partnership’s board and, before that, inaugural chair of the governing council for the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control – the group that spearheaded the founding of the Partnership – and president of the BC Cancer Agency.

He is also past Chair of the Canadian Cancer Society/National Cancer Institute of Canada joint advisory committee on Cancer Control and the National Medical Advisory Committee, and a past member of the NCIC board of directors. Dr. Sutcliffe currently chairs the International Cancer Control Congress, a forum held every two years to promote collaboration, communities of practice and development of cancer control between nations.

René Gallant

René Gallant has served on the Partnership’s board of directors since its inception in 2007. He is past National President of the Canadian Cancer Society, where he served on the national board of directors for five years, including two years as President. He also spent five years as a member of the board of directors of the Nova Scotia division.

In Nova Scotia, Mr. Gallant’s advocacy has contributed to important changes, including the adoption and improvement of legislation banning the sale of tobacco to minors and in pharmacies, and the creation of smoke-free public spaces. He is currently General Manager, Regulatory Affairs, with Nova Scotia Power Inc.

Peter Goodhand

Peter Goodhand is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Cancer Society, a position he assumed in May 2009. He joined the Society in 2004 as CEO of its Ontario Division and was instrumental in helping to implement changes in the Society across the country.

He has more than 20 years of international experience in the health-care industry and has represented the industry to the Senate Committee and Romanow Commission on health-care reform and at Canada’s Innovation Summit, and is Chair of the board of directors of the Health Technology Exchange. With more than 12 years of experience as a caregiver and advocate, Mr. Goodhand has seen first hand the impact of cancer on a young family.

Linda Miller

Linda Miller has been Deputy Minister of Alberta Health and Wellness since December 2008. She joined the department in 1994 and has held various information management leadership positions, including Assistant Deputy Minister of the information strategic services division. Her responsibilities in that role included strategic planning for new information system development and the provincial implementation of electronic health records. In her nursing career, Ms. Miller was Director of Patient Care Services at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton and Director of Nursing at a rural Alberta hospital.

Christine Power

Christine Power began her health-care career as a frontline nurse and has served in leadership roles in Halifax and at Trillium Health Centre in Ontario. She has been President and CEO of Capital District Health Authority in Halifax since 2006, and is a member of the board of the Association of Canadian Academic Healthcare Organizations, the steering committee of Canadian Stroke Strategies, and the National Task Force for Academic Health Sciences Centres. She has been recognized widely for her work in the health and public sectors.