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Our Work

Our Work

Cancer is Canada’s leading cause of premature death. Each day over 500 Canadians are diagnosed with a form of cancer and 200 will die from it.[1] Despite meaningful advances, this collection of diseases continues to have significant implications for individuals, families, communities and the health-care system.

No single organization can tackle cancer alone. Fortunately, Canada has a national cancer control strategy. This strategy is built on the collective vision, expertise and firsthand experience of more than 700 cancer leaders, experts, advocates, practitioners, patients and survivors from across the country.

To implement the strategy, as mandated by the Government of Canada, the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (the Partnership) works with partners across the country to reduce the burden of cancer through co-ordinated, system-level change. This active collaboration from coast to coast to coast has resulted in considerable progress since the Partnership began operations in 2007.


The following objectives guide the Partnership in working with its partners to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of cancer control in Canada. The Partnership will:

  • Focus on large-scale, evidence-informed, multi-jurisdictional actions
  • Translate knowledge to action to enable the adoption of best practices and innovations
  • Attract, connect and retain key stakeholders to co-create, inform and lead change
  • Pursue synergies with related chronic diseases in prevention and end-of-life care;
  • Leverage resources through the commitment of partner time, expertise and financial investment
  • Demonstrate sustainable progress toward the achievement of shared cancer control goals

Sustaining Action Toward a Shared Vision is the Partnership’s 2012-2017 strategic plan. It guides the next phase of implementing Canada’s national cancer strategy and describes the areas of focus and desired outcomes for 2012-17.

[1] Canadian Cancer Society’s Steering Committee on Cancer Statistics. Canadian Cancer Statistics 2012. Toronto: Canadian Cancer Society, 2012.