Alcohol sponsorship: Local restrictions or bans

Learn how local governments can restrict alcohol sponsorship

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Alcohol sponsorship

Restrict or ban alcohol advertising and promotions1,2,3

Enforce and expand regulation of alcohol sponsorship2

Degree of adoption in 31 Canadian municipalities

Current actions in Canada
A few local governments across Canada use a variety of bylaws to regulate or restrict alcohol advertising and, or promotions:

  • Whitehorse’s Indoor Facility Sponsorship Policy prohibits advertising of alcohol at venues frequented by children. In addition, the Purchasing and Sales Policy prohibits sponsorship or advertising by companies whose main business is sale or promotion of alcohol.
  • Halifax’s Sponsorship Policy requires alcohol sponsorships to comply with the MAP and contain information about responsible drinking.

Local policy toolsa,b

  • Municipal Alcohol Policy (MAP)
  • Parks and recreation bylaws
  • Sponsorship bylaws and policy
  • Land use and zoning bylaws
  • Business licence bylaws examples of local actiona,b

Examples of local actiona,b
Municipalities can strengthen MAPs or introduce other bylaws to restrict or prohibit the sponsorship by alcohol industry on municipal-owned land, facilities and at municipal events.

Apply sponsorship restrictions to civic events.

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